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50's Turner
Episode I Was a Teenage Spy
Name Mr. Turner
Personality of Mr. Turner
Description A timid, 1950's version of Mr. Turner
Alright! Who said that? Who said... uttbay?
—50s Turner

50s Turner is the teacher of Shawnzie Hunterelli, T.L., and Cory Matthews in 1957. He is very timid and scared, which doesn't bode well on his first day at school. Luckily, Shawnzie helps him out by snapping his fingers to make the class settle down.

When Cory tells him of the future, Turner does not believe him. He is, however, intrigued by pizza with cheese baked into the crust. He is also enraged when Cory says the word "butt," mocking his civil defense drills (from a nuclear bomb), immediately assuming that Shawnzie Hunterelli is to blame.

Whenever he yells "FLASH!", everyone drops to the floor as though it is a nuclear bomb.