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A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 1
Season 4, Episode 16
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Matthew Nelson


February 7, 1997

Episode Chronology

Chick Like Me


A Long Walk to Pittsburgh: Part 2

"What the hell kind of TV show is this?"


When Eric catches Shawn giving Topanga a kiss at Chubbie's, a chain of events unfolds that shakes Cory to his core. Shawn tells Cory he was comforting Topanga, and that Cory should wait for Topanga to tell him, because she needs him and it is tearing her up inside. Cory turns on Eric, upset that he allowed something bad to happen. Eric turns around on Shawn, but Cory confronts Shawn first. He demands to know what horrible thing happened, but Shawn only tells him to talk to Topanga.

Cory finds Topanga in her room, and she's acting mighty strange. Topanga begins to talk, but Cory stops her because he wants to delay whatever horrible thing is happening. Topanga tells him that her family is moving to Pittsburgh very soon. Cory is devastated, but the two convince themselves that it won't matter because they'll be together forever.

Cory's parents aren't as hopeful. Amy tries to convince Cory that it's good that he'll get to meet other girls and expand his horizons. Cory will have none of it, comparing him and Topanga to Romeo and Juliet, and goes outside. Cory, in the midst of reading Shakespeare's work, says everything will work out fine, just like the play. Mr. Feeny urges him to flip ahead, and Cory suddenly becomes glum. Feeny says it is a test, which gives Cory hope and he runs off.

Cory finds Topanga at her house and shares his new hope. They say they'll write and visit often, and Cory tells Topanga to keep his jean jacket (from What I Meant to Say). Shawn also offers comfort, going on the theory that Topanga can't be moving because stuff like that doesn't happen on TV. When Cory points out that it isn't TV, Shawn simply disregards it and moves on. That night, Topanga stops at Cory's house to say goodbye. Cory is very hesitant, and won't say goodbye because he won't admit she's actually leaving. Topanga gives him a hug and a kiss leaves as Cory stands there heartbroken.


  • Cory tells Feeny that Topanga is moving to Padua.

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