Boy Meets Wiki
Episodes The Psychotic Episode
Name Adam
Role A bizarre roomate.
Portrayed by Charlie Newmark
Polly want an autopsy!

Adam is an eccentric yet rich student at Pennbrook, who finds he can never keep a roommate for more than a few days. He keeps furniture in which family members have died, and gets upset if anyone sits there. He occasionally will pick up the phone and call someone sitting right next to him, and refuse to speak directly to them, instead speaking into the phone as though both people are far apart. He keeps a taxidermy parrot named Nelly as a pet, pretending that she speaks to him. It is also implied he keeps his dead family members in his closet.

In The Psychotic Episode, Eric moves in with him. Eric puts up with his odd behavior because of the very attractive female neighbor, Sheila who often drops by, but he freaks out and leaves when Adam takes out Nelly. Later, Eric decides the girl is worth it, and stays until Adam suggests he meets his mother, who he had previously mentioned was dead.