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Alan Matthews
Alan S01 promo
First appearance Pilot (BMW)
Girl Meets Home for the Holidays (GMW)
Final appearance Brave New World: Part 2 (BMW)
Girl Meets Goodbye (GMW)
Name Alan Matthews
Role Cory, Eric, Morgan and Joshua's father
Amy's husband
Final Status Stayed in Philadelphia
Portrayed by William Russ

Alan Matthews is the father of Eric, Cory, Morgan and Joshua Matthews.


Mother: Bernice Matthews
Father: Grandpa Matthews
Spouse: Amy Matthews
Children: Eric Matthews  (son), Cory Matthews (son), Morgan Matthews (daughter), and Joshua Matthews (son)
Sibling: An unnamed sister
Grandchildren: Riley Matthews (granddaughter) and Auggie Matthews (grandson)

In-Laws: Nana Boo Boo (mother-in-law), Poppy (father-in-law; deceased), Topanga Lawrence-Matthews (daughter-in-law)


Alan Matthews was born in the 1950s, in Philadelphia. He worked as a grocer at the supermarket, where he had worked since he graduated from high school. He spent some time in the Navy, where he won 2nd place in the U.S. Navy Boxing Championship.

He Amy at a young age and had Eric soon after. He won an award for being an outstanding grocer, then quit and opened his own nature store.

  • Feuded with Cory & Eric about their relationships with him in "Raging Cory"
  • Experienced a mid-life crisis when Amy was pregnant with Joshua
  • Fought with Cory about his living situation after Cory & Topanga got married, for he refused to put them up when they had no home.
    • Cory later thanked him, because him & Topanga getting through that together bonded them and Alan knew that.
  • Stayed in Philadelphia when his 2 oldest sons moved to New York City
  • Was born on June 14, as was mentioned by Alan in season 5 episode "Honesty Night"  But his birthday party episode "Family Trees" is clearly set in December.

Alternate Personalities[]

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