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An Affair to Forget
Season 4, Episode 11
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Eileen O'Hare


November 29, 1996

Episode Chronology

Turkey Day


Easy Street


After Cory badmouths Shawn's ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Bassett to comfort him, there is a problem when she and Shawn get back together. She manipulatively prevents Shawn from seeing Cory, mostly via seduction. Shawn, however, cannot do this and continues seeing Cory behind her back. Both of them are miserable, but neither has enough confidence to act on the situation. Topanga, seeing this, arranges for Cory and Shawn to meet and tips off Jennifer. This confrontation forces Shawn to make a decision, and he chooses Cory.

Meanwhile, Eric hatches a scheme to make a lot of money by writing and performing a one man show called "Eric Matthews: Look at Me, Look at Me: A One Woman Show". He receives mild support from Mr. Feeny, Alan, and Amy, but ultimately flops because of lack of life experience. When Eric asks Feeny for advice, Feeny suggests that Eric should go to college.


Guest Cast[]


  • Eric says that he was born on June 24, 1978.

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