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Angela's Ashes
Season 7, Episode 21
Production Information

Fred Savage


Carlos A. Aragon


April 28, 2000

Episode Chronology

As Time Goes By


Brave New World: Part 1


Initially, Shawn is excited when Angela's father comes to visit, but becomes saddened when he hears of his proposal. Because he's to be relocated to Europe, he wants to take Angela with him so they can spend time together. Shawn intends to just let her go, but Cory tells him not to let go of the most important person in his life. His advice is to have faith that Angela will decide to stay with him. Instead, she says that she'll stay, unless Shawn tells her she can go. Shawn does, and the resulting protest from Cory leads him to rethink his decision. He confronts Angela and her father, intending to propose to make Angela stay, but she thanks him for understanding her need to be with her father, and Shawn does nothing. Sadly, he kisses her goodbye and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Jack is devastated when his rich step-father cuts him off after his proposed business venture,, makes no sense. Rachel tells him he will have to change his lifestyle, but he shows little willingness to do so.

Also, Topanga tries out for a Brown-Elliot internship in New York City, but Cory is too focused on helping Shawn to notice. When she tells him that she got it and they'll have to move to New York, Cory begins to spin out of control.


Guest Cast


  • This marks the last appearance of Angela in the series until her reappearance in the spin-off episode Girl Meets Hurricane.
  • The pictures that Eric gives to Angela to hand out in Europe is the same photo that he hangs on Cory and Shawn's dorm wall in The Psychotic Episode.
  • Jack is devastated that his rich step-father cut off his monetary supply, yet in Boy Meets Real World, he claims that he worked for all of his money.