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B & B's B n' B
Season 4, Episode 13
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Howard Busgang and Mark Blutman


January 10, 1997

Episode Chronology

Easy Street




When Feeny goes to Boston and leaves Cory in charge of his house, he is just asking for trouble. Shawn's current assignment is to pretend to be running a business and record the result, but he is having trouble with it. Though once he is in Feeny's house without Feeny, he has an idea. Shawn bribes some cabbies to recommend Feeny's house and puts up posters in the airport to make Feeny's house a bed and breakfast. Cory is horrified, knowing that there is no way that Shawn can pull it off.

Shawn, however, seems to have control of things. He's set it up so everyone leaves by the time Feeny arrives home. He's even gotten Topanga to help. With so much going on, Cory can't help but get sucked in, playing the piano for the guests. At the last moment though, Cory is relieved that the universe is right, for he knows they'll get caught. Just as Feeny enters everyone else exits (they even cleaned up after themselves), and it seems like they'll have gotten away with it. Feeny, in a good mood after his trip, tells them he knows. When they ask how, he explained that his cabby told him his own house was a bed and breakfast.

Meanwhile, Eric encounters Feeny in Boston when they both travel there on separate trips. Feeny tells of a romantic interest there whom he visits every year, but neither is willing to give up their lives in their home to be with the other. It has become a ritual to ask the other to move and be rejected. Even though he was expecting it, Feeny seems disappointed. A slightly older female bartender named Kelly develops an attraction to Eric and offers to treat him to dinner (and it's strongly implied she would have slept with him afterwards). Though he would love to, he instead declines and comforts Feeny. From there, the two men form a bond.


Guest Cast[]


  • This is the one and only episode to have scenes featured inside Feeny's house, with the exception of the very first episode of Boy Meets World, which showed Cory (from his treehouse) look into the dining area of Feeny's house (a room not featured in this episode).