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Bosco Cellini
Episodes Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow
Name Bosco Cellini
Role The hair stylist who did Topanga's hair
Portrayed by Dom Irrera
Si, Cellini is here to help.
—Bosco Cellini

Bosco Cellini is a hair stylist who works at (and probably owns) 3 Cellini Brothers Salon. He uses a fake, effeminate Italian accent, but when Shawn tells him he knows it is fake, Cellini begins to speak with a Brooklyn accent, behaving much more masculine.

In Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow Cellini makes over Topanga making her very gorgeous and Cory insecure. He later makes over Cory (what he calls his best work), even though Cory looks exactly the same. He is displeased that Topanga ruins her hairstyle in the sink, calling her a "wet rodent."