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Boy-Meets-World.Net was started in late 2003 by Chris (aka Hydra) mainly as a forum community, but also as a general fansite with images and downloads. In an effort to make the site more popular, Chris offered Boy Meets World episodes for download from the site with a requirement of a certain number of posts. Because of this offer, the forum gained many users, some permenant.

Chris soon began to be unable to support the site on his own funds, and put the site up for sale. By the end of January, 2004, it was sold to Stav (aka Runs With Squirrels). Stav caused a bit of controversy when he began to make great changes affecting the board, with a simple "my way, or the highway" response when members objected. Despite the rocky relationship at first, the board continued to survive.

Then in the spring, the site went down due to Stav's lack of technical information, which Chris had forgotten to give to him. Ross, the host of the server, put up a small temporary board in its place while they sorted things out. Despite the simple interface, users were able to acclimate quite well to the new forum.

Some began to question if Stav would ever get the original site back, and the user Jaime created a replacement board at InvisionFree in the style of However, the board seemed unneccessary when eventually came back up, and became mostly abandoned.

But in August, the domain name expired, shutting down the website forever. However, many users remembered Jaime's replacement, and returned there. The board became as popular as the original site, albet without downloads, and remained popular for years.

Unfortunatly, the board has recently become nearly dead, with only a few faithful users posting. In an attempt to restart enthusiasm for the show, the users BMWManiac1025 and Nogard created Boy Meets Wiki.

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