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Boy Meets Real World
Season 5, Episode 2
Production Information

Alan Myerson


Bob Tischler


October 10, 1997

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It's Not You... It's Me


For a project for Feeny's film class, Cory has decided to film the adventures of Shawn, Jack, and Eric in their life in their new apartment. The style is much like MTV's The Real World, where the segments are interspersed with interviews and the camera work is shaky and there is labeling on the screen like "Jack's guitar" and "Shawn's slinky" with arrows. Mr. Feeny seems very pleased by the work, and suggests that the film could help Cory get into a good college.

Cory takes this and runs with it, constantly filming Shawn, Jack, and Eric. He refuses to get involved when a conflicting romance with Wendy, a neighbor in the building, threatens Shawn & Jack's young relationship. Topanga give Cory lots of grief for this, and that leads him to finally get involved.

In a confrontation, Shawn tells Jack that he sent him many letters over the years to which Jack never replied. Jack says he never got any letters, but Shawn won't hear it. Cory stops him and tells him to listen to his brother, and they seem to finally get along.

Meanwhile, Morgan hires a guy named Larry to be her "replacement Eric" because she misses her brother. She plays with him and even asks Feeny for advice for him. Ultimately, though, she's forced to let him go.


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  • Shawn says that his father first told him when he was 7 that he had a brother named Jack, which made him happy because he always wanted a brother. However, Shawn had another half-brother, Eddie, who was shown in season 3 in The Pink Flamingo Kid. After that one episode, he is never seen nor mentioned again, therefore Eddie is considered a continuity error, much like Shawn's sister Stacy.
  • The writing staff for Girl Meets World (the Boy Meets World spinoff) revealed that Eddie was Virna's biological son, and therefore is not related to Shawn or Jack. However, that would still make Eddie Shawn's brother, albeit a step-brother as opposed to a half-brother.
  • This the first appearance of Morgan Matthews for season five
  • This is the first appearance of Angela Moore, although she only has one line in the episode.