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Brave New World: Part 1
Season 7, Episode 22
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Matthew Nelson


May 5, 2000

Episode Chronology

Angela's Ashes


Brave New World: Part 2

Brave New World: Part 1 is the first half of the two-part series finale.


Cory tries to live in false hope that Topanga will stay and nothing is going to change, but advice from Mr. Feeny makes him realize that she's only shielding herself from failure. Cory talks to Topanga, who is still hesitant, but agrees that they should move.

Eric makes an Eric Doll to remind Mr. Feeny of Eric and his Feeny Call after he's gone. Upon learning about New York, Eric decides that he will go with them as well.

As they prepare to leave, Shawn and Cory have an emotional breakdown. Topanga then invites Shawn to come with them, much to their excitement.


Guest Cast[]

Note: Most of these are through flashbacks.


  • The geranium Mr. Feeny uses for his metaphor about Topanga needing room to grow is the same plant that Cory gave him while he was in the hospital in the final episode of season one, "I Dream of Feeny".