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Season 5, Episode 1
Production Information

Alan Myerson


Matthew Nelson


October 3, 1997

Episode Chronology

Learning to Fly


Boy Meets Real World


The episode starts with Cory and Shawn very excited to begin their senior year in the senior hallway. They have a dream where the teachers are gorgeous, the food is amazing, and Feeny is their servant. They are rudely awoken to find that it is just another busy hallway.

The hallway wasn't the only thing Cory was excited about, though. He also finally gets the room to himself. He got rid of the two small beds and ordered a queen size bed and a disco ball. He is less than happy when Eric shows up again and takes the room due to a mix up at his college. Eric stays for the night, but Cory vows to find a place for Eric to stay the following day.

That proves to be a difficult measure, as Eric refuses to settle on an apartment. Luckily, Jack Hunter shows up at Chubbie's the next day and announces he needs a roommate because he is new in town. Jack turns out to be Shawn's older half-brother, and Shawn doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Even though everything seems to fit fine with him, Eric doesn't want to live with Jack. This is because he is too comfortable at home, where Alan has taken Eric back in with open arms even though Eric should be at college.

When Jack comes to Shawn's trailer, Shawn explains that Jack had shunned him and Chet, never writing or coming to visit. Chet isn't as bothered by it, and suggests that Shawn move in with Jack so the two can bond. Shawn refuses.

The next day, Amy talks to Alan about Eric, and makes Alan realize that he needs to kick Eric out if he really loves him. Reluctantly, Alan confronts Eric in front of Cory and Shawn, telling him that he needs to leave because it is right, and that he loves him. This makes Shawn realize that Chet was doing the same thing, and he decides to move in with Jack.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lara-Lyn Peterson as Miss. Valentine
  • Glenn Hirsh as Delivery Man
  • Harmony Smith as Beautiful Girl

Absent Cast


  • Although Jack is Shawn's half-brother, another half-brother of his, Eddie, is mentioned in season 3 in The Pink Flamingo Kid. He is never heard from again.
  • It was later revealed by the writing staff of Girl Meets World (the Boy Meets World spinoff) that Eddie is Virna's biological son, hence why Shawn grew up believing Eddie was his half-brother. However, seeing as Virna isn't Shawn's biological mother, this makes Eddie his step-brother.

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