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Can I Help to Cheer You?
Season 6, Episode 18
Production Information

Jerry Levine


Barry Safchik


March 12, 1999

Episode Chronology



Bee True


Tommy, the boy that Eric has been a big brother to, requests that Eric adopts him. Initially, Eric says no because he knows it is a ludicrous idea. Even so, Tommy pleads with Eric to adopt him, because they're like Scooby and Shaggy. Eric begins to come around to the idea, informing Alan and Amy, who think the idea is ridiculous. Eric says he doesn't want to lose Tommy, just like he lost Jack to Rachel and his parents to the new baby. Without his parents' approval, Eric leaves to go adopt Tommy.

At the adoption place, Eric speaks to Mrs. Gallagher, who tells him that there is another family from California who wants to adopt Tommy. Eric says he doesn't care, and Tommy gets really excited. Mrs. Gallagher shows Eric a folder about the family, and they are a very happy family. Realizing he can't offer Tommy a life as good as that, Eric tells Tommy that he just can't adopt him. Tommy gets upset, saying tearfully that he hates Eric and he wants to go to a family where people love him. Despite this, Tommy visits Eric at his house before leaving for California.

Meanwhile, Topanga strong arms Cory, Shawn, and Angela into visiting a stranger's wedding so she can plan for hers. She is saddened, though, because she knows that they have little money and could never afford a wedding so nice. They attempt to maintain a low profile, but the father of the bride, Stan, offers Cory a deal. He is very disappointed with his daughter's choice of husband, because her choice is a poor teacher. He tells Cory he'll give him one million dollars to marry his daughter. Cory says that he's engaged to a lovely woman, but Stan will hear none of it.

At the wedding, Stan interrupts everything, thinking that Cory will stop it and take up his offer. Instead, Cory gives a speech about how being in love is far more important than money. He allows Stan's daughter to get married, and makes it clear that he wants to be with Topanga. Arm in arm, he leaves with her.


Guest Cast[]

  • Richard Portnow as Stan
  • Scott N. Stevens as Eddie (season 6)
  • Nia Vardalos as Mrs. Gallagher
  • Marci Brickhouse as Jessie
  • Charles C. Stevenson Jr. as Minister
  • J.B. Gaynor as Tommy


  • The scenes of Eric and Tommy from this episode are reused in the Girl Meets World episode "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes To Washington". Eric and Tommy also reunite for the first time ever in that episode since this episode, along with J.B Gaynor reprising his role as Tommy in that episode, a role he last played in this episode.