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Chet: I need a favor. My wife, Virna, she's... she's out there, and my heart's out there with her. Not to mention my wallet and major credit cards. But she is my wife and go after her I must.
Alan: And the favor?
Chet: Take care of my boy. Now you don't have to answer right now. Well, yes, you do.
Cory: Stay here? That would be great.
Shawn: Dad, why can't I just come with you?
Chet: Oh, come on. The road's no place for a boy. Especially with your mama out there driving on it. Nah, your place is here. In school, with Teach over there. In this house, in the company of these fine people. No pressure.
Chet Hunter asking the Matthews family to take care of Shawn

Career Day
Season 2, Episode 22
Career Day Boy Meets World
Production Information

David Trainer


Matthew Nelson


May 12, 1995

Episode Chronology

The Thrilla' in Phila



"Career Day" is the twenty-second episode of season two of Boy Meets World, and the 44th episode overall. It first aired on May 12, 1995. The episode was written by Matthew Nelson and directed by David Trainer.


During the annual "Career Day" at John Adams High, grocery store manager Alan quickly establishes his role as "the most boring parent there". He must compete with Topanga's guitar-making father and Shawn's entrepreneurial father. However, Cory eventually comes to realize that his occupation is only half of what Alan does for a living.

On a side note, Chet Hunter later informs Shawn that his wife, Virna, has left town with the family's mobile home. He is forced to leave town to find her.


Main Cast

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  • Chet Hunter: I'm telling you, man. I got business here.
  • George Feeny: Listen, I'm not gonna say this again. If you're not faculty or staff, you have no business on this campus!
  • Chet Hunter: Hey, leave me alone, pal. I'm George Feeny. I'm the principal of this here high school!
  • George Feeny: And you're not George Feeny!
  • Chet Hunter: I'm parked in this spot, ain't I?
  • Shawn Hunter: Mr. Feeny, I can explain.
  • George Feeny: Please do.
  • Chet Hunter: Go ahead. Uh, you're Feeny, too?
  • George Feeny: I'm Feeny one.