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This is a list of celebrity guest stars who have appeared on Boy Meets World.

Season 1[]

Episode 9: Class Pre-Union[]

  • Jim Abbott [1], Major League Baseball pitcher who gives Cory a pep talk after Mr. Feeny gives him an incomplete on his assignment

Season 2[]

Episode 18 : By Hook or by Crook[]

  • Nancy Kerrigan [2], US champion figure skater and Olympic medalist appears in Eric's dream and teaches him to skate.

Episode 21 : The Thrilla' in Philla'[]

  • Robert Goulet [3][4], Canadian singer and entertainer, appears as the announcer of a wrestling match between Cory and Joey. He later sings to Cory, Griffin Hawkins and others as they serve detention.
  • Yasmine Bleeth[5][6], actress of Baywatch fame, appears as a VIP at Cory and Joey's fight. When she asks Griffin Hawkins how he managed to get her to agree to this, he kisses her passionately.

Season 3[]

Episode 8 : Rave on[]

  • Davy Jones[7][8], English-born actor who was a member of the cast of The Monkees, appears as Reginald Fairfield, a free-loading Englishman whom Alan and Amy met when they were backpacking around Europe in their youth, and who makes a sudden return into their lives. At the end of the episode, he sings for them at their anniversary party.
  • David Madden[9], Canadian actor who is most famous for his role as the manager of the band in The Partridge Family, appears in the same role and offers to manage Reginald, Jedidiah and Gordy after he hears them sing at Alan and Amy's anniversary party.
  • Veronica De La Cruz, presumably the CNN reporter and anchorwoman[10] is mentioned in the end credits as having appeared as 'Marisa'. However, she does not make the final cut of the episode.
  • Peter Tork, keyboardist and bass guitarist of The Monkees, appears as Jedidiah , Topanga's father. He previously appeared in the season 2 finale, "Career Day", as the same character; however, the later four appearances of the character (starting with the season 6 finale) were not played by Tork.
  • Micky Dolenz, drummer and lead vocalist of The Monkees, appears as  Gordy. Dolenz previously appeared in the episode "Band on the Run," but as a different character. He also directed 2 episodes.

Season 4[]

Season 5[]

Season 6[]

Season 7[]