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Chet Hunter
Biological Information
Full name

Chet Hunter




Heart attack

Background Information

Gertie Hunter (mother)
Shawn (son)
Jack (son)
Stacy (daughter)
Eddie (step-son)
Uncle Mike (brother)


Jack's mother (ex-wife)
Virna (wife)

First EP

Career Day (BMW)
Girl Meets Hurricane (GMW)

Last EP

We'll Have a Good Time Then (last physical appearance; BMW)
Brave New World: Part 2 (as a spirit; BMW)
Girl Meets Hurricane (GMW)


deceased;Exists as a spirit/figment in Shawn's mind


Blake Clark

Chet Hunter was Shawn and Jack's father.

Series Info[]

  • Had 62 wives and many intimate partners, resulting in a complex and fractured family tree.
  • Was an abusive drunk while married to Jack's mother, and quit after she left him.
  • First seen on Career Day, where he tells tall tales of his job to Shawn and his classmates.
    • He reports that Shawn's mother, Virna, has run off with the trailer and he follows her.
  • In Home, he informs everyone that he won't be returning any time soon. As a result, Shawn ends up staying with Mr. Turner.
  • Works at a truck stop in Reading, PA until Cory tells him that Shawn needs him, so he returns to Philadelphia to care for Shawn.
  • Waits for Virna patiently until she returns in Fishing for Virna
  • Gets a job at John Adams High as a janitor in Janitor Dad
  • Hosts Thanksgiving in Turkey Day
  • Encourages Shawn to live with his long-lost, half-brother Jack in Brothers. Shawn is resistant at first, but grows to understand the decision.
  • Disappears for a while. The characters indicate that he went on the road again, looking for jobs and such.
  • Finally reappears again in We'll Have a Good Time Then, where he confronts his issue with Shawn and finally decides to stay with his sons.
    • Unfortunately, has a heart attack and passes away in the same episode.
  • Appears in Shawn's memory in Road Trip to comfort him.
  • Appears as a ghost in Family Trees to tell Shawn about his birth mother, who wasn't Virna, but some stripper.
  • Appears at the end of Brave New World, but remains unseen by everyone. He comments on what everyone is doing, and everyone remembers him fondly. After Jack says that Chet taught Shawn & himself that "Money doesn't make you rich, life does", something Chet immediately refutes. After he realizes that Jack wants to do the right thing which is helping people, Chet is content with his son's decision. Before he leaves to go back to heaven, Chet pinches Rachel's butt, which confused her due to the fact that no one was behind her.