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All of the kid writers

The Child Writers at Kid Gets Acquainted with Universe were all fired by Ben Sandwich in an angry outrage. They were touted by Matt Frazier as being "young and hip". All of the kids that played the writers were actually the children of the writers and creators of Boy Meets World, and had appeared in several other episodes.


David Jacobs as David
Rachel Jacobs as Rachel
Joshua Jacobs as Joshua
Dylan McCracken as Dylan
Claire McCracken as Claire


Ben Sandwich: Oh, what’s wrong? Did I hurt your feelings? Good! Because you know what this script is? POOPY!

Kid Writer 1: It’s not poopy! You’re poopy! (Points)

Kid Writer 2: Oh boy… (Sinks in chair)

Kid Writer 3: (To Kid Writer 1) That was good thing to say, let’s just watch what happens now!

Ben: (Furious) All right, that’s it! You’re fired, all of ya! Get out! And clean out your cubbies!

Kid Writer 3: (Stands) Oh yeah?! Well you can kiss my diapered butt! (Shakes booty)

Kid Writer 4: (Throws down pencil) I am too old and too rich!

Kid Writer 5: (On cell phone) Mommy, I’m fired again. (All the kids get up and walk away from the table)


Even though 6 children are shown, only 5 of them are credited.