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Chubbie's exterior

Chubbie's Famous is a cheap restaurant in which the students and teachers of John Adams High often hang out. Oddly, first-time customers must order in code to make Chubbie, the cook, serve them. In Things Change, Chubbie moves to Jackson Hole and the restaurant site is bought by a pirate-themed restaurant named Peg-Leg Pete's.

As the actor who plays Chubbie changed, however, so did the way in which to order, as Chubbie became friendlier and gave customers nicknames.

Much of the show is spent in Chubbie's in the early seasons, as characters would often go there on dates, meet up with friends, or even hold parties in the restaurant.

Chubbie's featured a Juke-Box, a pinball table, and a back room that had a pool table and a dart board.


  • Chili cheese fries
  • Double Chubbie Cheese
  • Turkey Chubbie - Cory notes it is not really turkey.[1]
  • Clown Burger - A clown-shaped burger for kids. Cory collects the hats.[2]
  • Steak[3]



  • In Girl Meets World, the characters visit a restaurant called Chubby's when they go to Texas (Girl Meets Texas Part 2). This is likely a reference to the Chubbie's from Boy Meets World.