Boy Meets Wiki
Episodes Shallow Boy
Name Corinna
Role Annoying singer/songwriter
Portrayed by Leisha Hailey
I don't know what Uncle David could have possibly meant by life experience. I'm 18 years old. I've been to a sleep-away camp. I even got on the wrong bus once. I had a goldfish who died.

Corinna is an extremely cheerful girl who plays excruciatingly sweet and perky music. Because she was playing in front of the wilderness store and scaring customers away, Eric took her out to lunch with the intent of asking her to stop. However, she mistook his act as a romantic gesture.

When Eric bursts out, calling her a psycho, she goes into a dark place and becomes a hit as an edgy singer. Unfortunately for Eric, she builds her career on ridiculing him. After taking abuse from her fans, Eric puts an end to it by cheering her back up.


  • Corinna became interested in writing music after seeing Annie on Broadway. As a result, her favorite song is "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow."
  • She has an Uncle Dave that owns a record label, but he would only sign her if she wrote songs with more edge.


  • The Sunshine's Just For Me - Annoyingly cheerful song.
  • Dandelion - Annoying song expressing her regrets about not being edgy, going into her love of dandelions.
  • Oh, You - Annoying song praising Eric for taking her out to lunch.
  • Shallow Boy - First edgy song, in which she attacks Eric for insulting her.
  • Eric Matthews, You're So Vain, You Probably Didn't Know the Song Before This Was About You - Second song on her new album.
  • Loser Freak - In which she calls Eric a "maladjusted woman-hating loser freak". Morgan was a fan of this song.
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuv - Annoying song written after Eric cheered her up, ending her career.