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Curtis Kincaid
Episodes Bee True
Name Curtis Kincaid
Role Dean Bolander's ex-husband
Portrayed by Francis X. McCarthy
All this time I'm running around the world, digging up bones, and you're here not aging a day. It doesn't seem fair, but I like it.
—Curtis Kincaid

Curtis Kincaid is an archaeologist, but he prefers the term "fortune hunter" or "adventurer." He has spent much of his life traveling. Notably, he tells a class about an adventure where he avoided a man named "Chief Yakazou" and procured a cursed ruby. He also went to Africa and captured a special killer bee that he planned to breed with killer bees in the USA to have them migrate away.

He came to Pennbrook to win Dean Bolander, his ex-wife, back. He served as competition for Mr. Feeny. Eric, Cory, and Shawn were very concerned that he would win because he seemed like a vastly more interesting person. Cory and Shawn trashed some of his stuff, and he showed his greater concern for his bee than Dean Bolander, and Feeny won her over.