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Cutting the Cord
Season 6, Episode 12
Production Information

Kevin Tracy


Allison M. Gibson


January 8, 1999

Episode Chronology

Santa's Little Helpers


We'll Have a Good Time Then


Shawn and Angela get a restraining order to prevent Cory and Topanga from meddling in their relationships. They say they've both moved on and are okay with it, but Shawn's double date with Kelly (with Cory & Topanga) goes horribly. Shawn is depressed and mopey, making Cory reminisce that he was "the king." When Angela suddenly shows up, Shawn is forced to act very cheerful even though he doesn't feel it. A karaoke contest brings out Shawn's true feelings, though. Shawn and Kelly try to sing "I Got You Babe," but Shawn can't finish. Later on, he talks to Cory and Topanga about his concerns. He thinks that something is wrong with him, and he wants to be alone. Cory and Topanga respect this, telling him that he isn't weird, they are.

Meanwhile, a mid-life crisis causes Alan to be late for Amy's childbirth class, but Eric fills in. Alan does show up, so Eric plays the role of daddy for another woman there, Jessica. Later on, Alan asks Eric's opinion about a motorcycle, but Eric says he should not get a motorcycle. Jack and Rachel tell him that being a dad again will make him feel plenty young. Alan is still concerned, because he feels that he won't have enough energy for his kid. But when Jessica suddenly goes into labor, Alan acts quickly and knows exactly what to do. Eric then reveals that it was not or football that made Alan his friend, but his knowledge and advice. Alan feels much better.


Guest Cast[]

  • Jeanne Jackson as Instructor
  • Kirsten Nelson as Jessica
  • Heather Marie Marsden as Kelly
  • Karim Prince as Ron


  • The songs sung during Karaoke: "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)", "War" and "I Got You, Babe".