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Dana (Disney World)
Episodes The Happiest Show on Earth
Name Dana
Role A girl that Cory meets at Disney World
Portrayed by Staci Keanan

Dana briefly speaks to Cory when he visits the Living Seas Pavilion, looking for Topanga. She explains Amber's situation when Cory showed up, and made him apologize when he said Amber was "just a fish." Before she leaves, she wishes him luck in finding what he's looking for.


  • "Dana Foster" is a character also played by Keanan, from Step by Step, a fellow show on TGIF. As Step by Step was airing a Disney World episode at the same time, it is possible that Dana was the girl Cory met, but the fact that the name "Foster" was neither mentioned in the dialogue, or end credits, confirms that the show producers wanted to leave it open to debate whether she was the same Dana or not.