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Dean Borak
Episodes It's Not You... It's Me, Fraternity Row
Name Dean Borak
Role Dean of Pennbrook University (formerly)
Portrayed by Paul Gleason

Dean Borak was the dean of Pennbrook University. He is an aggressive man, who does not take any trouble from anyone.

Eric Matthews and Jack Hunter try to impress the dean in order to gain an extension on a paper that they were stressing over. After much persistence, they finally succeed after Jack is able to answer to him in Chinese, which causes the dean to laugh.

When Eric tries to start his own fraternity by hosting a party in his apartment, Jack tells Eric that the dean will kick Eric out of school. However, Eric says that the dean adores him, and the dean, who had walked up behind Eric, asks him what he was doing in his hallway. Eric tells him that he is passing out fliers, and Dean Borak rants about how everyone has a flyer since Kinkos opened. Eric lies to the dean, creating a name for his fake fraternity.

Dean Borak later visits Eric at his apartment, and Eric and Jack are forced to lie about having celebrity alumni in their fraternity, or else they would be expelled from school, to which the dean himself would have to meet them.

The dean confronts them at their party, but is surprised when Loveboat actually shows up. He closes Jack and Eric's fraternity, but does not expel them.


  • Dean Borak is very similar to Principal Richard Vernon from The Breakfast Club, as they are both aggressive disciplinarians with zero to low tolerance for trouble. Additionally, both were portrayed by the late Paul Gleason.