Boy Meets Wiki
Episodes I Love You, Donna Karan
Name Debbie
Role Topanga's friend, Shawn's date
Portrayed by Maggie Lawson

Debra "Debbie" was a friend of Topanga's that Cory and Topanga tried to set Shawn up with when he was hung over a mysterious girl's purse. Upon meeting Shawn, Debbie commented that he was really skinny. She was interested in his weight because she was an aerobics instructor, but Shawn did not seem very interested in her. Debbie approached Shawn, saying that word around the gym was that Shawn was quite a kisser, but when she tried to kiss him, he pulled back, asking if they could talk first.

He asked her what kind of music she liked, and she loudly remarked "Not this!", saying she couldn't work out to it, as Shawn was playing classical music after a new-found interest in classical music. Shawn tried to get Debbie to really "feel" the music, but she only saw fat people bouncing, not Shawn's described visions. He tried to read her poetry, but she expressed a dislike for it. Cory and Shawn approached them, asking how they were doing, but Shawn angrily expressed a need for chocolate. Debbie snapped that the chocolate was 14 g of fat, and asked why he had a purse. She further insulted it, and Shawn, offended, exclaimed that he liked that purse. Debbie told Topanga that her and Shawn weren't working, and Shawn walked out on the date.