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Denny Burgess
Episodes Life Lessons
Name Denny Burgess
Role A thug and bully that dislikes Mr. Feeny
Portrayed by Ian Bohen

Danny Denny Burgess is a peer of Cory's who, in Life Lessons, strongly dislikes Mr. Feeny's final schedule. After Cory makes a mob to protest it and fails badly to change anything, Denny takes charge and makes it more violent. After Denny takes charge, Cory decides not to join. Shawn, however, does.

Leading the mob, Denny vandalizes Mr. Feeny's house, making him decide to retire. Next, he vandalizes the school, planning to take the finals off of Feeny's desk. As soon as he cuts the chains on John Adams High's doorways, Feeny comes out and everyone scatters.


  • Denny is always accompanied by his lackies, Jake and Kyle.
  • Denny often says "Uhh... _____!" For instance, he said to Cory: "Your way worked for, uh... Never!"