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Eric sleeping

Eric's sleeping career.

Various times throughout the show, dreams have been used to either enhance the plot or just add some mild humor.


Shawn has repeatedly had psychic premonitions through his dreams. However, often these dreams do not include Cory, who indeed turns up during the actual event, and therefore are not accurate predictions. The plot of Learning to Fly was a recurring dream Shawn knew so well that he knew what everyone was going to say, and was able to say the words simultaneously. In his dream, Shawn has a sexual relation with Mary Beth, but this does not take place in reality because with Cory’s inclusion she falls for him instead. Yet, his dream experience allows him to have knowledge he would not otherwise know (that Mary Beth has a birthmark on her rear).


Cory, while not psychic, has a wide array of bizarre, sometimes recurring nightmares. Most notably was a series of dreams depicting himself murdering his best friend Shawn in an assortment of ways. This turned out be an expression of how he felt his upcoming marriage would hurt their friendship. Upon an electric shock, Cory has had dreams about being trapped in time periods he recently thought about, with alternate versions of his friends and family. Other dreams include:

  • Clowns.
  • Being kidnapped by figure skaters and forced to do compulsories. – Occurs once every four years (Olympics?).
  • Being chased by a puppet.
  • Topanga being kissed by another guy. – From Topanga’s POV.
  • Killing Shawn


Eric has never had any meaningful dreams, with the exception of one induced by a subliminal tape, Skate While You Sleep, made by Jason. In this dream, he was visited by Nancy Kerrigan, who taught him how to skate. Unfortunately, Jason only partially taped over a previous subliminal tape, Lose Weight While You Sleep, making Eric temporarily obsessed with dieting. Other times, Eric has had recurring dreams about baseball games in Spanish.

Most notably, however, is a dream in which Eric starred in his own television show, a detective show called Good-Looking Guy. However, in one episode, Eric is reported to have zero brain activity while he sleeps, and he says he cannot remember any dream he’s ever had. As this is contradicted in many episodes, it can be considered a continuity error.