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Easy Street
Season 4, Episode 12
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Jeff Menell


December 13, 1996

Episode Chronology

An Affair to Forget


B & B's B n' B


In Turner's class, Cory and Shawn are disinterested in learning about a poem about choices, called "The Road Not Taken". They say their last decision was which jobs they got, Cory working at a local restaurant and Shawn a cushy job down at the docks. Unfortunately, Shawn's job isn't as cushy as he thinks, and Cory's is essentially an overpaid errand boy for the suspicious Mr. Fontaine and Mr. Martini (portrayed by comic legends Buddy Hackett and Soupy Sales). Cory is pleased with his job until one day he brings Shawn with him and Shawn realizes something: Cory is working for the mob. Quickly, Cory quits, but Shawn decides to take the job instead.


Cory serves Mr. Martini and Mr. Fontaine.

A few days pass and Shawn continues to work for Mr. Martini and Mr. Fontaine. Cory voices his displeasure when Shawn buys him an expensive watch with the money he is making, but ultimately accepts the gift from his friend. Things begin to snowball though, as Mr. Fontaine and Mr. Martini give Shawn a task on Christmas Eve: wait in front of a warehouse and deliver a box, then bring them the envelope he is given. They say, if he does that well, they'd give him a more permanent position. Cory finds Shawn, waiting in front of the warehouse. He attempts to convince Shawn to open the box, but Shawn refuses, telling Cory he doesn't care about what's in the box, and that it could be a teddy bear for all he cares. Cory tells him to bring the "teddy bear" and place it under the Christmas tree, and later try and guess what the street value of the "teddy bear" is, implying the box has drugs inside. Shawn realizes where his life is heading if he continues down this path, saying that he finally understands the poem that Turner had been teaching them.

Meanwhile, Eric agrees to drive Lonnie 500 miles to her home for Christmas, but a blizzard stops them in their tracks. In his panic, Eric knocks himself unconscious and begins to freeze. To protect Eric, Lonnie strips them both naked and huddles them together in a sleeping bag. When Eric hears about this after returning home, he is upset because he was unconscious for it. Due to Eric's constant attempts to recreate the situation, Lonnie tells him it never happened, although it is implied she merely lied in order to get Eric to stop.


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