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Everybody Loves Stuart
Season 6, Episode 7
Production Information

William Russ


Matthew Nelson


November 6, 1998

Episode Chronology

Hogs and Kisses


You're Married, You're Dead


Stuart is the coolest teacher in the school. He jokes around with his students and he shoots pool with coffee as a wager. As Shawn puts it, he treats his students like adults.

He crosses a line when going over a paper in Topanga's dorm. He hits on her, telling her that he'd like to get to know her and despite her pleas, that it is what she wants. As soon as Cory gets word, he confronts Stuart. The conversation escalates and results in Cory forcefully shoving Stuart in far more rage, violence, and aggressiveness than before, sending him through the door and into the student union. Stuart then congratulates Cory on getting kicked out of college.

Feeny unsuccessfully attempts to bargain with Dean Bolander. He tells the Matthews that the Dean has scheduled a hearing, with a strong possibility that Cory could face expulsion. Eric congratulates his brother because he knows Stuart is bad thanks to his "fifth sense". Amy and Alan stand behind Cory, as does Topanga. In an attempt to help his brother, Eric convinces Rachel to attempt to seduce a confession out of Stuart, but she has no luck. At the hearing, things get intense.

Stuart remains adamant that he did nothing wrong, going so far as to imply that Topanga came onto him. Feeny grows very angry, expressing his distaste by saying he'd like to "rip off Stuart's head and roll it down the hallway." After a while, Dean Bolander has decided that she's heard enough. She gives Cory one day's suspension and puts him on probation for the rest of the school, telling him that she won’t take kindly to him solving problems with anything but words, then tells Stuart that he isn't really a teacher. Threateningly, she says she intends to find out what he truly is. After the hearing, Amy apologizes to Topanga for her ordeal on the matter, while Alan thanked Feeny for sticking by him throughout the hearing. Shawn apologized to Feeny for ever having compared him to Stuart. Cory finally realizes that College is far more different from high school, which Feeny agrees with. He also has no choice but to agree with the Dean that he can no longer protect them. He mentions that while he had protected them in the shelter of high school, they are now in college and in the real world where things are very different and they are not children anymore. Cory, Shawn, Topanga and Angela realize that they're indeed no longer children.


Guest Cast[]


  • The title is a parody of Everybody Loves Raymond, another TV sitcom
  • Stuart is played by Ben Savage's brother, Fred Savage.
  • Eric's middle name is revealed by Jack to be Randall (named after Betsy Randle, who plays Amy), although he believed his middle name was Jonathan.
  • Eric also says the street name he grew up was Cumberland; however, there is a very strong possibility that Eric is incorrect.
  • Rachel reveals that her middle name is Kimberly, while Angela says hers is Shanaynay.
  • Shawn says his middle name is Patrick; however, this isn't a revelation as Shawn's middle name was revealed to be Patrick in season 3's City Slackers.
  • Topanga also has a middle name, although she does not disclose it.
  • Cory says he has never hit anyone before, although he has gotten into an altercation with both Shawn and Eric in prior seasons, as well as pushing his father down the same way he pushed Stuart.

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