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Cory: You know, this is crazy. How am I supposed to kiss you with this blinding light in my eyes?
Topanga: We don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
Cory: I wanna do what everyone else is doing.
Topanga: So, you're just doing this so you won't be different.
Cory: I'm just trying to survive this.
Topanga: Oh.
Cory: No, it's not you, Topanga. It's me. I just can't perform under all this pressure.
Topanga: It's okay, relax. This happens to lots of guys.
Cory: How do you know?
Topanga: Well, you know, girls talk.
Cory: Oh, man. Listen, when you talk to girls, this did not happen to me. Nothing happened. I mean, something happened, but whatever was supposed to happen, did. [...]
Topanga: We could tell them we made out. [...] I could mess up my hair and you could change your shirt. You'd have to smile a lot. And you'd have to get that real sleepy, stupid look.
Cory: You could change your shirt, too.
Topanga: Don't push it.
Cory: How come you're being so cool about this?
Topanga: I don't know. Because you're nice. [...]
Cory: Guys don't wanna be nice. We wanna be you know, tough... and good with appliances... and good kissers!
Topanga: Well, there's really only one way to be a good kisser. You have to practice.
Cory: You think?
Topanga: Yeah. So either we can start messing up our clothes and trying to look stupid, or... you could relax and kiss me.
Cory and Topanga

Fear Strikes Out
Season 2, Episode 9
Production Information

David Trainer


November 18, 1994

Episode Chronology

Band on the Run


Sister Theresa

"Fear Strikes Out" is the ninth episode of season two of Boy Meets World, and the 31st episode overall. It first aired on November 18, 1994. The episode was directed by David Trainer.


One of the activities played at a party is "Seven Minutes In Heaven". Cory is worried about who will be joining him in the closet for a make-out session. Calming him slightly, it turns out that he will be accompanied by Topanga. But the "nice boy" has no intention of kissing her. This makes him the laughingstock of John Adams High, and he vows to never date again.


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