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The Feeny Call in Security Guy


Feeny interrupts the Feeny Call in It's Not You... It's Me


Eric's Eric Doll in Brave New World

You are not calling a duck!
—George Feeny

The Feeny Call is a call that Eric invented in season 4 episode 7 to either call Mr. Feeny out of his house for advice or congratulate him on something good.

At first, the call simply consists of yelling "Feeny!" repeatedly, but in Friendly Persuasion Eric turns it into a sort of song and dance. This version consists of him making claw-like motions through the air while saying: "Feeny?! Fa-fa-fa-fa-feeny! Feenay! Fee-hee-heenay! Yow! Hey, hey, what? Whatcha-what-what-what! Hey-ey! Yow! Hey-ey-wow-yay! Yow!" Further variations include him repeatedly yelling "Feenay!", possibly tossing in "Fee-hee-heenay!" for good measure.


  • In Singled Out, asking for the name of the school Feeny went to.
  • In An Affair to Forget, Eric uses the call to tell Mr. Feeny about his one-man show.
  • In Security Guy, Eric uses it to get advice from Mr. Feeny regarding a college search.
  • In It's Not You... It's Me, Eric uses it to get advice about writing his first college paper.
  • In I Love You, Donna Karan, Eric uses it to try and get Mr. Feeny to help him study.
  • In Things Change, Eric uses a "beach bum" version of it to tell Mr. Feeny he wants to come with him to Jackson Hole, which he thinks is in Hawaii.
  • In Friendly Persuasion, Eric uses it to inform him of the chemistry he sees between Feeny and Dean Bolander.
  • In Brave New World, Eric, as a memento, gives Mr. Feeny an Eric Doll that performs the Feeny call when you pull a string. (Side-note: actor Ben Savage who portrays Cory Matthews, can be seen in the background in the opening moments of this scene, evidently fighting back his emotions as this was the final episode of the show).
  • The Feeny Call was used three times in the sequel series Girl Meets World
    • In the season 2 episode, "Girl Meets Pluto", Riley and Maya use the Feeny Call for the first time (it is also is the only time in GMW that the Call is performed in its entirety).
    • In the Season 3 episode "Girl Meets I Do", for the first and only time, the Feeny Call is initiated by Topanga as Mr. Feeny enters to officiate over Shawn and Katy's wedding; Riley and Maya join in but are stopped by Feeny (who casts a smile toward them).
    • In the series finale "Girl Meets Goodbye", Eric starts to do the Feeny Call but cannot finish it; (This is similar to the future scene in Seven the Hard Way, in which Eric, as Plays With Squirrels, starts to do the call, but a dry throat stops him short).