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Francis Stecchino, Sr.
First appearance The Thrilla' in Phila'
Final appearance Sixteen Candles and 400-Pound Men
Name Francis Albert Stecchino, Sr.
Role Parent
Final Status Continues working as a wrestler.
Portrayed by Leon White

Francis Stecchino, Sr. (stage name Vader) is a very large man who works as a professional wrestler. He has trouble staying out of character and often bellows at people and threatens them with physical violence.

He is the father of Frankie Jr. and Herman. He is quite critical of his eldest son becoming a poet instead of a wrestler, and puts his hopes in Herman.

Originally, his name was Leslie, and George Feeny uses that to his advantage in The Thrilla' in Phila' to make him back down.


Vader is an actual professional wrestler who has wrestled in many major wrestling promotions including WWE, WCW, and promotions in Japan. His real name is Leon Allen White.