Frankie Stecchino
Biological Information
Full name

Francis Albert Stecchino Jr.


Frankie the Enforcer



Background Information

Mrs. Stecchino(mother)
Herman Stecchino (younger brother)



First EP

Back 2 School

Last EP



Graduated John Adams High


Ethan Suplee

Francis Albert "Frankie" Stecchino (aka Frankie the Enforcer) is a very large and strong kid at John Adams High. Harley Keiner, the local bully, took advantage of his strength to turn him into his head flunky, alongside Joey the Rat. When Harley got sent to reform school, Frankie revealed his gentle side and became friends with Cory and Shawn


His father is the professional wrestler Vader, and Frankie originally wished to live his father's footsteps and be a Sumo wrestler, but he later chose instead to become a poet. However his father wasn't happy with his desire to go into poetry.

His mother, known only as "Mrs. Stecchino" appears once in New Friends and Old. She didn't speak and is never seen or mentioned again. In fact, even in her only episode, Feeny is the only one that speaks of or to her.

He has a little brother, Herman, who is Morgan's age.

Series Info

  • Immediately appears and threatens Cory and Shawn on their first day of high school in Back 2 School.
    • Occasionally, seems weakened and confused when Joey says something offhand that he takes the wrong way, such as insinuations that he is homosexual.
  • Blackmails Cory into helping him woo Harley Keiner's girlfriend in Cyrano.
  • Teaches Joey how to Sumo wrestle in The Thrilla' in the Phila'.
  • Helps Eric sell out movie night using unsavory methods in My Best Friend's Girl.
  • Plays pool with Eric and Joey in City Slackers.
  • After a prank goes awry, decides to befriend Cory and Shawn in New Friends and Old, but is disheartened when he learns that his new friends are just using him for his reputation.
  • When he decides to go his own way, he manages to get into Mr. Turner's poetry class as seen in Sixteen Candles and 400-Pound Men when he Tutors Cory and Shawn in Mr. Turner's poetry class. They also help him bond with his father.
  • He and his family live in the trailer park, as shown in Turkey Day.
  • Seems to return to his criminal ways after reappearing with Joey in Graduation. However, this could just be a non-canon joke for old time's sake as this episode marks the final appearances of both Frankie and Joey.



  • He sings also in the local church choir. According to Joey, he sings like an angel.
  • Had brown long hair in Season 2, but blonde short hair in season 3.
  • Has his own pool cue.


  • In Rave On, Topanga calls Frankie a "mallrat". Ethan Suplee was in the movie Mallrats.
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