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Friendly Persuasion
Season 6, Episode 4
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Barbie Feldman


October 19, 1998

Episode Chronology

Ain't College Great?


Better Than the Average Cory


At the student orientation, Cory and Topanga can't stop making out. Angela and Shawn, though, have the opposite problem. Shawn says he'd like to take the chance to meet new people. Later on, he drops the news to Cory that he and Angela have mutually decided to separate. Cory is outraged, but everyone else is understanding. His angers only gets worse when he walks into his room to see Shawn talking to Camryn, a girl he met at orientation. Cory exits and, seeing Angela in the hallway, tries to hide it from her. She guesses that Shawn is in there with a girl and tells him it doesn't bother her. Cory says he's just looking out for her feelings, but Angela chuckles and says they were never that close. Cory is deeply upset by her remark, and Angela goes into the coed bathroom since it's the one place Cory won't follow her.

Later on, Topanga wants to make out with Cory but all Cory can think about it why Angela won't be his friend. Topanga says that he never made the effort, but Cory points out that she didn't either. Even so, it continues to bother him. Sometime after that, Cory confronts Angela as she studies about it. Angela still tries to evade him, going once more into the bathroom. Gathering himself, Cory follows. After a drawn out confrontation, Angela admits that it was Shawn who wanted to break up and that she still loves him. She says it's a secret from everyone, including Topanga. Cory agrees not to tell anyone.

Meanwhile, Mr. Feeny joins Eric, Jack, and Rachel in their developmental psychology class. He and Rachel make a team to work on their theory that any person can alter their behavior despite their setting. In the midst of their presentation, though, Feeny slips back into the role of a teacher. He even talks down to Dean Bolander, the professor of the course, as though she is a student too. He is apologetic, but Dean Bolander understands, and asks Feeny decides to become a professor at Pennbrook instead of a student.


  • This episode also sees the birth of one of the most iconic "Feeny Call's" of the series.


Guest Cast