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Griff Hawkins
Biological Information
Full name

Griffin Hawkins





Background Information

school bully

First EP

Pop Quiz

Last EP

He Said, She Said


Unseen after Harley's return


Adam Scott

Griffin "Griff" Hawkins is the second leader of the bullies in John Adams High.


He first appears in Pop Quiz as a new transfer student. Coincidentally he arrives shortly after Harley Keiner, the first bully leader, had been sent to reform school. At first Griff works alone and rejects Joey and Frankie, Harley's former enforcers. But he soon realizes the use in them and accepts them as his lackeys by the end of the episode. He also makes enemies with Mr. Feeny, who constantly has to break up Griff's stunts. Griff's antics include paying another student to go to classes in his place, posing as him. He also often uses his charm and good looks to make women do favors for him.

Griff shows the extent of his influence when he arranges a fight between Cory Matthews and Joey at the school gymnasium after hours in The Thrilla' in Phila. He is able to bring in a large audience with expensive tickets, set up a boxing ring and even attract guest stars such as Yasmine Bleeth (who is brought in by his charm), Robert Goulet and Frankie's father, Vader. After they are caught by Feeny, Griff is given four years of detention but makes it bearable by bringing in Robert Goulet to speak at the detentions.

Griff is last seen in He Said, She Said, where he makes another display of his influence by slipping Eric Matthews Mr. Feeny's personal stationary, which he could use to forge a college acceptance letter. Harley returned in the episode and planned to fight with Griff after learning that his old lackeys were working for Griff. Joey and Frankie were able to reach an epiphany and break up the conflict by quitting their lackey work for both Harley and Griff. Griff seemed unphased by this and walked off, and was not seen again in the series.



  • In the first season of Girl Meets World, the thirteenth episode (Girl Meets Flaws) Cory names a school award after Griff (the Griff Hawkins Totally Cool Award).  It is won by Riley's best friend Maya Hart.
  • Unlike Harley, Griff seemed to be on relatively good terms with Cory.
  • The actor who plays Griff (Adam Scott) appeared in an earlier episode of Boy Meets World. In Band on the Run, he plays a musician that asks Shawn and Cory to hold his guitar.