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Her Answer
Season 6, Episode 2
Production Information

David Kendall


Matthew Nelson


October 2, 1998

Episode Chronology

His Answer


Ain't College Great?


At the altar, Topanga freezes. She can't say "I do," and Cory, although upset, agrees that marriage should be something to celebrate, not hide. Nonetheless, they anticipate a frosty reception once they return to Cory's house. Feeny, however, has changed Cory's parents' minds. Even though he was talking about a farewell party for himself, he inspires the Matthews' to throw a surprise congratulatory party for Cory and Topanga. It is all going swimmingly until Amy decides she can't hide it. She admits she can't support it and says that Topanga should've gone to Yale. Topanga storms out, and Amy gets an earful from Cory, who yells at her for being unsupportive, and says that they didn't get married because Topanga wanted her to be there.

A while later, Amy seeks validation from Alan. She says she honestly feels that they are too young, but Alan asks her if she thinks Topanga isn't right for Cory, and if she's worried about being replaced. Amy admits that she is, and then realizes that she is jealous of Topanga that she's going to be the woman in Cory's life. Later on, the four of them meet at the park. Amy tells Topanga that she wasn't ready to have another woman replace her. She wants to give Topanga her mother's engagement ring, but Cory intercepts it, wanting to finally "do something." He proposes, Topanga accepts, and his parents ask when the wedding is. They tell them that they don't know, they're going to wait until they're ready. But when they do know, Cory's parents will be the first to be told.

Meanwhile, Jack and Eric compete for Rachel's affections. Rachel makes them French toast in the morning, and they both quickly rush to get dressed. Rachel says she likes to take baths in the morning and goes into the bathroom. In the living room, Eric and Jack exchange excited "I love you"s, but as soon as Rachel asks for help with the bathtub stopper, they competitively rush to help her. They also both buy her gifts (Jack - a book of poetry, Eric - a bird), but when she rushes away emotionally, they agree that their advances are scaring her off. When she emerges from her room with a suitcase, they say that they need to think of her as a person, not an object, if they want to keep her as a roommate. Rachel tells them they're right, although it wasn't what she was thinking - she was on her way to incinerate some of her ex-boyfriend's things. Even so, she tells them she wants their relationship to remain strictly platonic, and thanks the boys from preventing herself for reciprocating any of their advances and for saving her from her own vulnerability.


Guest Cast[]

  • Bill Morey as Judge Henry Bemis
  • Connie Sawyer as Fafoofta Bemis

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