Boy Meets Wiki
Episodes She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not, Boy Meets Girl
Name Hilary
Role A girl Shawn likes.
Portrayed by Breanne O'Donnell

Hilary is a student at Jefferson Elementary who Shawn had a crush on. They first met when she asked for someone to show her the way to the principal's office, and Shawn was happy to oblige. After watching a school film on puberty, Shawn asked her out on a date.

They snuck into a movie theater, but spent the duration of the movie throwing snacks at people. There Hilary taught Shawn to hold a malt ball in his mouth before throwing it, so that it sticks in peoples' hair. "She's majorly twisted," Shawn later described her with envy. They went on a second date, but it went pretty bad and Shawn said it would be their last date.