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His Answer
Season 6, Episode 1
Topanga Cory19
Production Information

Jeff McCracken


Bob Tischler


September 25, 1998

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Her Answer


After a few hours of stunned silence, Cory finally agrees to marry Topanga after her proposal at the end of "Graduation". He is concerned how his parents will react, so he and Topanga agree to keep it a secret until they can figure out what they are going to do.

Of course, they cannot keep the secret. Cory was going to tell Shawn, but he would already heard it during the graduation. He urges Cory to marry her. Topanga also tells Angela. Angela is not as supportive, saying they are too young. Shawn has more big news: he has decided to go to Pennbrook with Cory, and he says they should be roommates if Cory and Topanga do not marry.

As soon as Cory and Topanga gets to Cory's house, though, it hits the fan. Alan and Amy congratulate Cory. Cory, thinking they are talking about him and Topanga, becomes angry because Topanga did not keep the secret. They begin to bicker, including Angela and Shawn in the madness. When Alan and Amy ask questions, Cory and Topanga confess that they intend to marry. The discussion grows into arguments, but the opposing views of Shawn & Angela and Alan & Amy lead to the couples bickering and Cory and Topanga slip out silently.

Cory and Topanga hit the road, intending to elope in the country. Alan, Amy, Shawn, Angela, and Feeny all discuss what they did to make Cory and Topanga flee. It ends with Amy confessing that she wishes she could be there. At the chapel, Cory and Topanga are almost married. With Judge Bemis performing, Cory says yes without sweating. When he comes to Topanga, she pauses and begins to look uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Eric and Jack quickly find a replacement roommate for Shawn, who has his stuff removed before he is ready to even move out, but Shawn takes it in stride upon learning who the new roommate is. Rachel is a beautiful girl who suddenly finds herself without a home, and Eric and Jack eagerly take her in, ready to compete for her love. They are disheartened, though, when Rachel says they can be "just like girlfriends."


Guest Cast[]

  • Bill Morey as Judge Henry Bemis
  • Connie Sawyer as Fafoofta Bemis


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Rachel and the final appearance of the John Adams High set.
  • Mr. Feeny reveals that he has been teaching Cory, Shawn and Topanga since the first grade. despite being their teacher only from the sixth grade on in the first few seasons. However, Girl Meets World retcons the retcon by revealing that Feeny has only been their teacher since sixth grade.

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