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Honesty Night
Season 5, Episode 21
Production Information

Alan Myerson


Steve Hibbert


April 24, 1998

Episode Chronology

Starry Night


Prom-ises, Prom-ises


Finally reunited with Topanga, Cory realizes a terrible truth: he forgot to tell Shawn. To spare his friend's feeling and make him feel involved, Cory and Topanga pretend to still be broken up. Feeny thinks that this is a moronic idea as he watches Cory and Topanga call each other mean names and then make out behind Shawn's back. With their urging, Shawn decides to attempt to serve as a counselor for them, but that goes terrible, as Topanga becomes angry and storms out when Cory says that she is cold and unforgiving. He yells at Shawn, telling him they were already together and his counseling broke them up again. Later on, Shawn tries to counsel them to get back together again, this time with Jack and Eric present, but the only thing everyone can agree on is that they're sick of Eric (including Eric).

At Chubbie's, Cory and Topanga study at different tables. Cory's parents come down, telling him he needs to be home when Morgan arrives from school. They are arguing because Alan doesn't want to go shopping for towels. Their arguing escalate, but when Alan confuses his birthday for Amy's, they laugh and become lovey-dovey again. Topanga asks how they did that that, and they say that when people are truly in love, they don't let petty arguments get in the way. Shawn tells Cory and Topanga that they are in love and shouldn't break up because of disagreements. Knowing this, Cory and Topanga get back together…again. It is then shown that Shawn set the whole "argument" between Alan and Amy to reunite Cory and Topanga.

Meanwhile, Eric struggles with his Word-Of-The-Day Calendar. For three consecutive days, the word of the day is "estranged." However, he later ends up learning new words and the appropriate definition, and therefore adds it to his daily vocabulary. Mr Feeny, surprised that Eric is now erudite and loquacious, also realizes that Jack and everyone else could easily get sick of it, and with Jack's urging, Feeny reminds Eric of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to snap him out of it and return Eric to how he was before.


Guest Cast[]

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