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How to Succeed in Business
Season 5, Episode 9
Production Information

Alan Myerson


Ellen Idelson and Rob Lotterstein


November 28, 1997

Episode Chronology

Chasing Angela


Last Tango in Philly


At a work study program, Cory and Shawn are working together in the mail room under Phil, an old man who has been working there for many years. However, when Shawn picks up a phone upstairs and charms an angry client, he is promoted by Tom Morris, the vice president of the company. Cory complains that Shawn is in over his head, but is jealous nonetheless. Cory claims to know more about the business world than Shawn and tells Shawn that sex doesn't sell in the real world - Shawn, however, sticks to his sexy breath ad and it works.  Cory later imitates Shawn, picking up a ringing phone that isn't for him, but only angers the client and is fired. Cory then tells his dad that Shawn isn't supposed to be successful, especially more successful than him. Shawn manages to get a job back for Cory, but it is only as a janitor. During a dinner that Cory and Topanga had planned with Shawn and Angela, the truth of Cory's job comes out. Shawn explains that it feels good doing something well for once, and Cory feels bad for feeling jealous and apologizes.

Meanwhile, Eric urges Amy to go out and find something to do because all she does is sit around the house. He is displeased, though, when she shows up in his Creative Writing course with Jack and shares sensual stories about her and Alan. Eric is repulsed about hearing sex stories about his parents and tells his mom to do something else, and so Amy decides to leave the class. She shares her love stories with Feeny, who claims that it is a very good work of provocative fiction, but is taken aback when Amy tells him it is all real. Eric then comes down the stairs and tells Amy that he actually read the stories and recognizes her writing ability, telling her re-join the class. However, he also tells her that he sent her sensual tales to her own mother.

Back in Creative Writing, Eric seems okay with having his mom in class with him. When the professor asks Amy to read another of her stories, she talks about "how Eric came out of her birth canal", which causes everyone in class (except Eric) to groan in disgust and plug their ears.


Main Cast[]

Recurring Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Kevin Crowley as Tom Morris
  • Phil Leeds as Phil
  • Alissa Ann Smego as Monica
  • Robert Kerbeck as Writing Professor

Absent Cast[]


  • The show that Cory watches is "All My Children".