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I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian
Season 3, Episode 20
Production Information

David Trainer


Kevin Kelton


May 3, 1996

Episode Chronology

I Was A Teenage Spy


The Happiest Show on Earth

"I Never Sang for My Legal Guardian" is the twentieth episode of season three of Boy Meets World, and the 65th episode overall. It first aired on May 3, 1996. The episode was written by Kevin Kelton and directed by David Trainer.


After almost a year of living with Mr. Turner, Shawn is still discontent. He likes being Turner's friend, but he longs to live with his father. Phone calls are coming further and further apart. When he gets a letter from Chet from a truck stop in Reading, PA, he tosses it, thinking Chet should at least visit if he's that close. But when Turner offers to move to a bigger apartment, Shawn doesn't like anything he sees. Both Turner and Cory feel like there's no pleasing Shawn. Turner's been facing a tough decision, too. He received the paperwork to become Shawn's legal guardian, but he's been having a tough time going through with it. Frustrated, Shawn decides to take Turner's bike to the truck stop himself, but he gets arrested and he and Turner fight over it. Shawn admits he is tired of feeling like a guest everywhere he goes.

To help his buddy, Cory takes a bus with Topanga to the truck stop to talk to Chet. Chet believes that Turner's place is a better place for him, but Cory disagrees. Finally, Cory convinces Chet to go back to Philadelphia and take care of his son once more. Turner and Shawn agree that this is better, and they stay good friends.

Meanwhile, to help Eric boost his grades, Feeny suggests that he tutor the school's basketball star, Jeff Lacy, who is totally clueless. Even though he feels like he did nothing, Jeff gets a "C" on his next test. Eric gets an "A."


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