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It's Not You... It's Me
Season 5, Episode 3
Production Information

Alan Myerson


Mark Blutman and Howard Busgang


October 17, 1997

Episode Chronology

Boy Meets Real World


Fraternity Row


Shawn gets very upset at Cory for looking at colleges that they never discussed and that Shawn couldn't get into. The argument quickly snowballs, as the two find replacement friends to make the other jealous. Neither, however, budges, as things begin to escalate. Shawn throws a party and doesn't invite Cory, hurting Cory's feelings.

Tired of it, Topanga tells Cory that Shawn isn't mad, just scared that Cory is going to leave him behind when he goes to college. Because Cory is too stubborn to listen, she takes action. She lures Cory and Shawn into Feeny's office, then has Feeny work it out for them. The story of their first meeting is told in a flashback...

A young Shawn invites a young Cory to go to lunch with them while they visit the zoo. Cory declines Shawn's request, because some kids told him that they shouldn't be friends because Shawn lives in a trailer park. Cory goes away, and tries to impress Topanga by clowning around near the llama pen. When he falls in, Shawn rushes to his rescue and they become friends.

..Following the flashback, all problems are solved.

Meanwhile, Jack and Eric are nervous about writing their first college essay. Eric's plan is to befriend Dean Borak so they can get an extension, but Dean Borak is a cold man, and will not be Eric's new mentor like Feeny used to be. Looking for advice, Eric finds Feeny and has him give him and Jack advice. Feeny calmly tells them just to write the essays and they'll be fine and suggests that these feelings be Eric's topic. Later on, they manage to get an extension to actually write their essays when Jack impresses Dean Borak by speaking to him in Chinese.


Main Cast[]

Guest Cast[]

  • Seth Miller as Lionel
  • Paul Gleason as Dean Borak
  • Corey Padnos as Young Cory
  • Glen-Bob Sweet as Young Shawn
  • Rosario Gru as Young Topanga
  • Matt Kirkwood as Chubbie


This episode is filled with jokes implying Cory and Shawn are a gay couple. The way Cory & Shawn interact, even down to their dialogues, are reminiscent of how an actual couple would fight. Even Topanga needs to ask Cory if he enjoys kissing her (he says he does), his father Alan asks his mother if he (Cory) enjoys kissing Topanga, and Cory's sister Morgan refers to Shawn as Cory's boyfriend who dumped him.

  • Eric has a new haircut as of this episode.
  • Jack mentions having a younger sister.