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Mr. Feeny: What seems to be the problem?
Eric: Dad's car got towed, and we can't get it back from Sasquatch.
Mr. Feeny: Oh, I'll clear this up in no time. Excuse me, young man.
Tony: It's, uh, Tony, with a "Y".
Mr. Feeny: Fine. Tony. Might I inquire why you won't release the car?
Tony: It's like I told the kid – you ain't got a license, you ain't getting the car. [...] The issue is, no license, no car. Capisce?
Mr. Feeny: Eric, why don't you just give the man your driver's license?
Eric: Because I, uh, I don't have it.
Mr. Feeny: Well, tell me where you left it, and I'll go get it.
Eric: Ahem. Well, I don't, uh, technically, like, at this actual point in time–
Shawn: He doesn't have a license!
Cory: He's got to! Not even my brother's that big an idiot.
Jason: I, uh, beg to differ.
Eric asking Feeny for help getting back the car

“It's a Wonderful Night”
Season 1, Episode 18
Air date

March 11, 1994

Written by

Susan Estelle Jansen

Directed by

David Trainer

"It's a Wonderful Night" is the 18th episode of season one of Boy Meets World, and the 18th episode overall. It first aired on March 11, 1994. The episode was written by Susan Estelle Jansen, and directed by David Trainer.


While at lunch, Shawn shows Cory a horror movie that he rented for them to watch that night. Alan and Amy typically do not allow such movies in their house, but they will be out for the night. Judy Horn, the Matthews' regular babysitter, is expected to be too preoccupied with her bad acne that she will not notice what the boys are doing.

Thwarting those plans, the babysitter calls to reveal that she will be unavailable that night. Mr. Feeny reluctantly steps in for her, and is constantly annoyed by Morgan. After making a deal with her, Mr. Feeny catches the boys watching the movie, and trouble ensues.

Earlier in the day, Eric failed his driver's license test, but he still agrees to go out on a double date with Jason and two very attractive girls. After the car gets towed, the adults must pay the man at the junkyard to get it back.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Don Gibb as Tony
  • Kelly Packard as Tracy
  • Stephanie Dicker as Erin
  • Kristopher Kyer as TV Voices
  • Kevin Thompson as TV Voices
  • Lisa E. Wilcox as TV Voices

Absent Cast