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Jack Hunter
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Biological Information
Full name

Jack Hunter


Jack Connor (alias)
Jumbo Jack



Background Information

Shawn (younger half-brother)
Chet (father)
Elaine (mother)
Unnamed step-father
Unnamed younger sister


Rachel (ex-girlfriend)


New York City


Joined the Peace Corps (BMW)
Left the Peace Corps and worked for an environmentally damaging company (GMW)

First EP

Brothers (BMW)
Girl Meets Semi-Formal (GMW)

Last EP

Brave New World: Part 2 (BMW)
Girl Meets Semi-Formal (GMW)


Matthew Lawrence

Jack Hunter is the eldest son of Chet Hunter, and Shawn Hunter's paternal half brother who first made his appearance in season 5 ("Brothers").


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Series Info

  • Jack first appeared in Brothers and spoke to Shawn and Chet for the first time in many years.
  • Soon thereafter, he became the roommate of Eric and Shawn.
  • Warned Shawn to stop drinking because their father was an abusive drunk and that alcoholism runs strongly in their father's side of the family.
  • Shawn moved out of their shared apartment at the beginning of season 6, and began competing with Eric for their new roommate, Rachel's, affections.
  • Began dating Rachel in Road Trip, following his father's death.
  • It’s revealed that Jack and Rachel broke up in Show Me the Love.
  • Was kicked out of his apartment by Rachel, Topanga, and Angela in season 7, and began a frantic search for a place to live with Eric.
  • Graduated from Pennbrook and joined the Peace Corps with Rachel.

Alternate Personalities


  • Jack can speak Mandarin Chinese.
  • He is somewhat smart, but for some reason Eric gets the better of him and occasionally he gets involved in Eric's antics.
  • He holds a degree in engineering from Pennbrook University.
  • In No Such Thing As A Sure Thing, the official subtitles list Jack's surname as Connor when he introduces himself to the bookie.
  • Formerly known as "Jumbo Jack", until he started working out to bring his body fat count down to 6%.
  • Jack loves ice skating, which is one of the few things that he and Shawn have in common.
  • In The Witches of Pennbrook Jack reveals he is from New York City, where Shawn, Cory, and Topanga move in the finale, and Cory and Topanga raise their family in Girl Meets World
  • He appeared in the second season of Girl Meets World ("Girl Meets Semi-Formal") 
  • In "It's Not You... It's Me" He states that he has a little sister that went to China. It's unknown if she is his half-sister or step sister. 


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