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Janitor Bud
First appearance Notorious
Final appearance Truth and Consequences
Name Janitor Bud
Role Janitor at John Adams High
Final Status Supposedly retired
Portrayed by Bob Larkin

Janitor Bud was the one-eyed janitor at John Adams High from Season 2 to partway through Season 3. He had a passion for his job, and would eagerly point out aspects of his work to anyone who would listen. He was found to be leaving work early to gamble on horses; as punishment, Mr. Feeny fired him as a janitor and hired him as a secretary.

Though In season 5 Topanga questions why janitor bud know their dating anniversary, though this is a continuety error because he was fired as a janitor in season 3


Although he is noted for only having one eye, there was no effort to make him appear so. This is likely a continuity error.

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