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Jason Marsden
First appearance Model Family
Final appearance Home
Name Jason
Role Eric's best friend
Final Status Unknown (character written out)
Portrayed by Jason Marsden (actor)

Jason is Eric's best friend during season 1 and season 2. He's a bit of a smart aleck, but is much more intelligent than Eric. He has trouble attracting women due to his small stature.

Series Info[]

  • Went driving with Eric despite the fact that neither of them had their license in It's a Wonderful Night.
  • Tried to dissuade Eric from dating Desiree in Me and Mr. Joad and Notorious, but ended up dating her after they split. But he said he was only going out with her for the break-up kiss.
  • In Wrong Side of the Tracks, he made a tape for Eric that taught him how to ice skate in his sleep. Because the tape was originally about dieting, Eric became obsessed with that also.