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Jennifer Love "Feffy" Fefferman
Episodes And Then There Was Shawn
Name Jennifer Love Fefferman
Role A victim of Killer Shawn
Portrayed by Jennifer Love Hewitt

In Shawn's dream, Jennifer Love Fefferman (AKA Feffy), appears in John Adams High in the midst of all the killing. She says she is a new student who was locked in her study hall after school. At first, Eric suspects that she is the killer, but as soon as she says she isn't, he believes her because she's beautiful. They immediately begin making out.

Angela gets upset at Feffy for attempting to take her role as "the screamer" of the group.

Later while the group is hiding in the library both Topanga and Angela claim that they don't trust Feffy saying that they don't know anything about her. As soon as Shawn as the group split up so the killer can't get to them at once Cory walks in one section with Feffy and he expresses fear that he doesn't know why the killer would get to them. Feffy flirts with Cory and comforts him saying that they're all scared but tells him not to worry as they will get out of this and she gives Cory a kiss on the cheek as a jealous Topanga looks on.

Feffy is crushed under a pile of books pushed by Killer Shawn. Eric comes to her aid as he kneels beside her. She says she recognized the killer, but before she could reveal she is crushed again along with Eric under a second pile of books before she can tell.


Her name is a play off of the actress' name, Jennifer Love Hewitt. She dated Will Friedle during the time of this episode. Hewitt also starred in the horror film I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.