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An establishing shot of John Adams High


John Adams High when Cory travels to the 1950's in I Was a Teenage Spy


John Adams High during a blizzard in Stormy Weather

John Adams High is a high school to which many of the characters went from seasons 2 to 6. Eric graduated in season 3, as well as many others in season 5. Also, John Adams High had a limited faculty, where one teacher has many of the same students.

The school newspaper is called The Patriot Spirit. Cory starts writing for their funny column in Season 4, but it's generally agreed that his attempts at humor stink.[1]

Only one set is used to represent the halls of the school. In season 5, the 'senior floor' is used by turning the set sideways. Cory and Shawn express fear over the 'other side' of the school, in the direction of the camera, saying that "you go over there, you might never come back."[2]


Known Graduates[]


  • William Daniels played John Adams in the film 1776.
  • The school starts off as a grades 7-12 high school, as first seen in the second season, to a strictly grades 9-12 high school in later seasons