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Judge Lamb
Episodes Wheels
Name Judge Lamb
Role A small-town judge
Portrayed by Dan Lauria
Dog or hat?!
—Judge Lamb, on balloon toys

Judge Lamb was Cory's judge when Cory was arrested for going 1 mile an hour above the speed limit in the middle of nowhere. He threatened to hang Cory for speaking out of turn, then suddenly offered to make him a balloon animal when he learned that it was Cory's birthday. This terrified Shawn, who said, "any judge who spontaneously makes you balloon toys will, at the end of the day, actually hang you." He makes a sword for Cory and a princess hat for Topanga.

When Alan shows up, Judge Lamb says that Cory is still a kid for two more years, and he must remain being the kid. He says that Alan should cherish those years, because "they go by too fast."