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Killer Shawn
Episode And Then There Was Shawn
Name Shawn
Personality of Shawn
Description A homicidal version of Shawn who wants Cory & Topanga to be reunited
Feeny's not the killer, I am.

In Shawn's nightmare, Killer Shawn is the murderer who kills Kenny, Feeny, Feffy, the Creepy Janitor, Eric, Jack, and Angela. His identity as Shawn isn't revealed until the end up the episode, when the real Shawn unmasks him to reveal him.

The intent of Killer Shawn is to reunite Cory and Topanga, who had recently broken up. Killer Shawn is in Shawn's dreams because Shawn feels responsible for the breakup of Cory and Topanga. After Shawn wakes up and shares his dream, though, Feeny, Cory, and Topanga tell Shawn that it isn't his fault.

At the tag of the episode, Killer Shawn jumps out from behind a shelf in the real world, adding some terror to the end of the episode.

To get the shot of both Shawns a body double was used, the scene was filmed twice and then the two shots were stitched together. The body double, for these shots and shots of the back of Killer Shawn's head, was a background extra on the show because he was a similar height (albeit taller by about an inch) and had a similar haircut and colour to Rider Strong.