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Last Tango in Philly
Season 5, Episode 10
Production Information

Alan Myerson


Jeff Menell


November 28, 1997

Episode Chronology

How to Succeed in Business


A Very Topanga Christmas

Since the beginning of time, men have been idiots.


At their new jobs at a Mexican restaurant called "El Coyote", Topanga and Angela invite Cory and Shawn to go dancing with them and their co-workers, Sergio and Nunzio, at the "Boom Boom Room". Cory and Shawn are not interested, and tell their girlfriends to go without them, but instantly become jealous when they see how attractive Sergio and Nunzio are. They decide to go work out instead, where they meet Sonja and Cookie, two Eastern-European body builders.

The next day at school, Topanga and Angela swear nothing happened between them and their co-workers, but Cory and Shawn remain suspicious. Their encounter that evening at the restaurant only heightens their suspicions. When Cory confronts Topanga that night at her house and forbids her from seeing Sergio and Nunzio, she leaves him outside on the front step without saying a word. Still determined to prove their girlfriends as liars, Cory and Shawn bring Sonja and Cookie to the restaurant to make them jealous. Not only does this plan backfire, but it only makes Topanga and Angela angrier.

Cory and Shawn aren't the only ones with girl problems. Alan has angered Amy by giving more attention to his new satellite dish than her. Jack has angered his girlfriend (he calls her Lucy, although she's never seen) by not visiting when she's sick. Even Feeny has angered an interested woman, Katherine, by dismissing her coffee invitation and insulting her poetry. Eric, as a part of his "all men are idiots" theory, proposes an idea. Three night later, at the night club, the music is cut and Eric makes an announcement, hoping to make up for men being idiots. What follows is a raunchy dance number that is performed by Cory, Shawn, Jack, Eric, Alan, and Feeny. This pleases their counterparts, and all the relationship problems are healed (except for Jack, who ends up dancing with Sonja).


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  • Shawn: Cor, let's try to figure this thing out. The girls want to dance more than anything in the world and we want to make them happy.
  • Cory: Okay, there's gotta be a simple solution to all of this.
  • [They both think hard for a minute.]
  • Shawn: Anything?
  • Cory: Nothing.

  • Feeny: Now, why didn't I see that?
  • Eric: Well, Mr. Feeny, I'm in college. You're still in high school.

  • Eric: From the beginning of time, men have been idiots.